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1st-Aug-2030 10:51 pm(no subject)
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25th-Dec-2020 03:37 pm - Requests. ♥


- Akira/Kouyou
[Planning ... 10%]

- Aoi/Uruha
Drunken-Uru, Sober-Aoi (neck pinching XD)
[Planning ... 5%]

- Aoi/Uruha
Geisha!Uruha, Samurai!Aoi
[Planning ... N/A]

- Aoi/Uruha
Break-up story, jealous-possessive!Aoi
[Planning ... N/A]


[Completed]Collapse )

Thanks for all the requests, guys! 
If you have a request, comment on this post and I'll add it to the list :D

14th-Jan-2014 06:08 pm - [Selling] WACK, HOMME/FEMME, ETC.
Uruha / black

Hello, my loves!  It's been awhile since I've written here, but I come bearing goodies!  My university career is quickly coming to a close (seems like yesterday I wrote about my first day of freshman year on here... ;A;) and -- since I'll be job-searching in a couple months -- I need all the money I can get!  the GazettE has truly impacted my life, brought out the inspiration to write again, and guided me towards amazing friendships.  And I even though it's somewhat hard to part with the merch I've gathered over these years, it's necessary for the next stage of my life :)
These items haven't been used in awhile, so it's time to part and sell them to someone who will give them plenty of love


VORTEX [Auditory Impression - Regular Edition] SOLD
Condition:  Used / the CD case has a slight crack / plays perfectly
Asking Price: $5.00 + shipping

FADELESS [Auditory Impression - Regular Edition] SOLD
Condition: Used once / perfect
Asking Price:  $5.00 + shipping


TOXIC Album [Limited Edition] ON HOLD
Condition: Used once / perfect
Asking Price:  $25.00 + shipping

DIVISION Album [Limited Edition]
Condition:  Used once / perfect
Asking Price:  $60.00 + shipping


Venomous Cell Finale OMEGA 2011-2012 [Limited Version]
Condition:  Used once / perfect
Asking Price:  $55.00 + shipping

10th Anniversary THE DECADE 3/10 [Limited 1st Press]
Condition:  Used once / perfect
Asking Price:  $70.00 + shipping


HOMME/FEMME Mini Boston Bag w/ Keyholder [MELT Final] SOLD
Condition:  Never used / perfect
Asking Price:  $50.00 + shipping

WACK T-Shirt [MELT Final - Size: L] SOLD
Condition:  Never worn / perfect
Asking Price:  $25.00 + shipping

***All prices are in USD and do not include paypal fees!***

Payment Method
I will send an invoice to your paypal address and you will have one week to send me your payment.
Once I receive it, I will be sure to notify you when I ship your package.

It would be awesome if you could let me know when you get it too - so I don't fret over whether it got there safely (`・ω・´)
This will be a first come, first serve basis - it's the fairest way I can come up with.  If you fail to send me your payment within 7 days, I will move on to the next buyer (and notify you of this fact, of course).

Please comment with your country (for shipping calculations) and paypal address if you are interested in any of the items above.  I will respond with the amount you will owe :)
I'm willing to negotiate prices!  Please let me know if you have any questions, would like to see pictures, etc!

29th-Jun-2013 01:58 pm - MELT [commentary o' flails]: PART 1
(because this part was already 10 pages long and yeah.. 8D)

So! I haven’t updated this LJ in forever and a day and I figured a lovely little way to dive back in was to write up a commentary o’ flails :D
Writing a commentary totally slipped my mind when THE DECADE was released and by the time I remembered, I had already watched it twice – and we need these keyboard smashes to be authentically virginal, yes? :DD

Ahhh, MELT. I was so insanely excited for this live. Unbelievably out of my skin about it. I’ve said it a billion times, but the build-up to OMEGA didn’t really lodge my heart into my throat since TOXIC wasn’t an album I thoroughly enjoyed. Appreciated, yes, but personal tastes distracted me from really indulging in the innovation that it possessed. And we all remember how OMEGA pretty much kicked me right in the fucking teeth and soon became one of my favorite live performances. SO. The fact that DIVISION is an album that I’ve been looping in my car and on the train until the CD is brittle enough to collapse into dust really has me gripping at my keyboard for what’s in store for MELT.


in which Tessa loses all grips on grammarCollapse )
'Violet Pulse'
Title: boy kings
Genre: Slice of life, romance, drama
Pairing: Aoi/Uruha, Reita/Uruha (mostly onesided), etc.
Notes: It's been a year since I started this WIP...  So, let's do this, shall we?  :D

Synopsis: In which Uruha isn't completely oblivious, just slow on the uptake.

And even when Aoi’s ribs are sharp, the noir glint in his eyes is sharper as he catches Uruha’s steady gaze. His jaw is clenched, hands gripping his guitar so tight – veins so stark, blue, the only color Aoi has to his name. Collapse )
30th-Mar-2013 10:50 pm - WORLD '13


I've been staring at these tour dates for over a half hour, just in complete shock and disbelief and this-is-really-happening.  I know for some people, it might seem silly to be so enraptured by these dates and places - especially since none of these dates are within my own country.  But this is just...

It's the possibility, the chance, to finally see in-person what I've been enraptured and inspired by for 5 years.

As much as I would love to go to Japan and see them live, in their truest element, I was never in the position to do so.  It seemed like such a farfetched idea, and almost impossible given that I'm a full-time university student with a moth-eaten bank account, but now..  there's finally this chance.

Perhaps I just never thought it would truly happen, no matter the hints given to us through countless interviews and TV-spots.  I never thought I would have even the slightest possibility to see them.  I had already resigned and accepted the fact that I would enjoy the GazettE vicariously - supporting them however I could, thousands of miles away.  Scrapping together enough money to buy albums, tour merch, etc.  Watching live DVDs and reading live reports, and seeing Aoi and Ruki spam twitter, and flailing with those who were lucky enough to snap their spines alongside them.  And I was content with that - with being an arm's length away, but still being able to immerse myself in the music.

And while it would be truly amazing if they had a NY tour date, the fact that they are even branching out like this after so long is enough for me, honestly.  And I'm going to try my very hardest to make this work.

And so!:

Mexico City ::  9/6/13
Jose Cuervo Salon

The plan is to raise enough money in time for flights, tickets, hotel, etc.  I've already gathered some flight/hotel info and, really, none of it seems too real yet.  But I figure, even if I save up and end up not being able to go, I can still use a portion of that money to buy BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY with little to no pain \8D/

It's a win-win, so --

Let's fucking do this.

[P.S.  Is anyone else planning to attend the live in Mexico, etc?  :D]
1st-Mar-2013 01:48 am - 'skelter' - [Aoi/Uruha] 1/1
Personal Entries
Title: skelter.
Pairing: Aoi/Uruha
Genre: Romance, drama
Notes: Something small.  Something 1AM.

Synopsis: In which Uruha isn't Uruha.  More like 'Kouyou'.  More like the birth of a gunshot.

palms slick against Uruha’s collarbone and ash (and Yune) against his teethCollapse )
Uruha / :3
the GazettE 10th Anniversary 3.10.12
Live at Makuhari Messe

[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6  ]

[ 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 ]

[ 1, 2 ]

- Join with HJ Split
- Each part for main concert is 300MB
- Each part for backstage documentary is 200MB
- mp4 format

*Backstage is now uploaded!
*It's my first time uploading so if there are any issues, please let me know!  :DD
19th-Dec-2012 10:20 pm - 'bury them fast' - [Ruki/Reita] 1/1
jean jackets
Title:  bury them fast
Pairing:  Reita/Ruki
Genre:  Romance, slice of life
Notes:  Indie days are always fun to write :D

Synopsis:  In which Ruki is an endless finale.

fuck and rollCollapse )
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